Easy HCG Review

Easy HCG ReviewIf you have been stressed for so long and tried, so many diet products already but get a no-good result, here is the best solution for you. Easy HCG drops have been out in the market for years, and this has been the best product widely sold for fast weight loss and in keeping the weight you have lost. This product is formulated to help you lose up to 40 pounds or more of your weight in just sixty days. The Easy HCG drops package is readily available to help your weight loss stress free and comfortable. Read more

HCG Drops Side Effects

hcg drops side effectsHCG Drops Side Effects – Introduction

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy. One of its purposes is to ensure that the baby will grow healthy by receiving all the nutrients need and will grow normally. It has been discovered that giving a small dose of HCG to overweight men and women will help them lose their appetite, and will help them shed off extra fats around their hips, buttocks and thighs.

HCG Drops side effects will be covered shortly…

Millions of people with excessive fats are now engrossed to use this product. There is also an HCG drops diet weight-loss program which helps obese and overweight people. Low calorie diet combined with HCG is a perfect match. You will never feel hungry even if you only consumed fewer calories than normal. That’s why this method is very effective to obese people.

Although HCG Drops are safe to consume, sudden change in diet may attribute to some “side effects” but these are short term and will usually go away or disappear in the first week. So, what are the HCG Drops side effects?


Headache and Mild Dizziness

Some people experience minor headaches, especially during the first week of low-calorie diet. You can take over the counter pain medications for this one. With regards to mild dizziness, this is uncommon yet usually goes away after the first week.



A natural reaction of the body in response to low caloric intake is constipation. Increase fluid intake must be considered, and mild sugar-free laxative may be used.


Rash and leg cramps

In the process of fat utilization, normal toxins are released in the body and may build up and cause minor rash. You do not have to worry with this because this will cause a little discomfort. Another side effect is leg cramp that is basically due to potassium in the diet. This can be managed by taking potassium supplements.



With the given hcg drops side effects, it will never outweigh the main goal which is losing weight. You must bear in mind that this product is coupled with diet, and you are on your way towards achieving your goal. With all of these things, you can say to yourself that HCG Diet Drops: It is wholesomely good.


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Managing Your Weight Through HCG Drops

Overweight problem is universal, and everyone is at risk to it. There a lot of diet supplements, plans and diet books and even groupies that have become popular these days and one of them are the HCG drops. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin; it is a hormone released by women, when they are pregnant. On early stages of pregnancy, this hormone is released to shield the baby in the womb.

Known People on HCG

But the main function of the hormone goes beyond that, Dr. Simeon, the founder of HCG protocol (diet), unearthed a weight loss potential from HCG. When given in accurate dosage, plus the diet plan, his co-participants experienced reduction of belly fats towards effective weight loss permanently. This was in 1950s yet. Further studies were conducted to validate and support the previous claim that HCG can reduce weight. Read more

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